The 52 Project || 10/52

011Secret Agent FISH has been found!

I know I am late with week 10’s post, but with the holiday weekend and ACTUALLY getting to spend time with Kenny, we were a little busy.  Nolan loves the fish he got for his birthday, known to Nolan as Fish, but really he is a Secret Agent. If I ask Nolan where fish is, he will walk over to his tank and point saying “fith“.

The 52 Project || 8/52

044“Here are mountaines, hills, planes, valley, rivers, and brooks, all running most pleasantly into a faire bay, compassed but for the mouth, with fruitfull and delightsome land.”                – Captain John Smith

This week Nolan turned 14 months old. I love watching him explore when we go out on our adventures; no exploration is complete without a stick!  The shores of the James River have been seen by some brave explorers over the years, Nolan has been added to that list.


The 52 Project || 7/52


Cry Me a River of Crocodile Tears

Nolan has been working on his Oscar for best actor in a drama lately.  Most of these fake tears happen during diaper changes.  Playing is serious business, how dare we take a break, even to get a dry,clean tushie!

The 52 Project || 6/52


Read to Your Babies!

I guess you can say that I am a little passionate about early children literacy!  I have been working on turning Nolan’s room into a toddler room from a nursery.  Our biggest project was sorting through his massive library and rotating books.

The 52 Project || 5/52

016Mommy’s Little Helper

“Clean laundry is so much fun to play in, especially when mommy is trying fold it!”

It is hard to be mad at this face though, but I am glad there wasn’t a stray sock in the towels.  I cannot afford to lose my house elf!

The 52 Project || 4/52

004The Pick Bandit

One of Kenny’s friends came over to practice a song they are working on.  When he was getting ready to leave and was distracted in conversation, The Pick Bandit tip-toed in to take the pick of the unknowing victim.

The 52 Project || 3/52

058Don’t Forget to Wear Flowers in Your Hair

“But mommy, I am a boy!” is what that look is saying.  It is so nice to be able to get outside to enjoy nature and not be cooped up inside!  Though from now on I’ll be the one wearing flowers in my hair, not little man.

The 52 Project || 2/52


Who Stole the Cookies From the Cookie Jar?

It seems that I have a little Cookie Monster on my hands!  Which is ok with me; we will make lots of cookies together.

The 52 Project || 1/52


Hitting Them Out of the Park!

After being inspired by Britt Brown Marsh, I wanted to start a 52 project when Nolan turned one, to document the life of a one year old.  Of course life with a one year old is very unpredictable and so we are starting two weeks late. We are so happy it is FINALLY Spring (even with the word “snow” still in our forecast) and even more excited for baseball in the House of Mischief!